Burial or Cremation

The cost of what we term as a traditional funeral does not vary much whether you decide on burial or cremation. The major difference is when a family grave has to be purchased. It is you the family who decide on burial or cremation, the choice is yours. It is important that you let your executor or next of kin know of your wishes.
Cremation: Cremation is available all over Ireland with crematoriums in Belfast, Cork and Dublin.
The coffin is always used in the cremation process. The ashes may be interned in a family grave, inserted in the columbarium wall or scattered at a favourite place.
Burial: Graves are generally allowed to accommodate three burials or four depending on space in the plot. Even after the burials cremated ashes may be interred in the grave. You may purchase a grave through us at Jerh. O'Connor Funeral Homes Cork.

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Restrictions on ALL funeral services, as a result of Government instructions, due to Covid-19

As part of the guidance at this time, the Irish Government, The HSE, The Churches of Cork, Cemeteries and Crematorium, have all issued very clear instructions to Funeral Directors regarding ALL funeral services. These are as follows:

For up to date information please visit, Resilience Recovery 2020/2021 Plan for Living with Covid-19

It is critical for us all that we act wisely and that we implement these clear instructions from Government. We would like to sincerely thank you for your co-operation on this matter.

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The Irish Hospice Foundation have provided a most helpful guide relating to funerals in these difficult times. Download here