Is it possible for anyone to make arrangements for a funeral in advance of a death and set aside monies to pay for the funeral.
Our staff will go through the different options available such as cremation and burial. You will be able to inform the director about what kind of service that you would like. All details can be finalised such as music, floral tributes, newspaper notices. After you have made your decisions on the arrangements you will be given an estimate of funeral expenses at today's prices. You will then be advised to lodge that amount in an interest-bearing Deposit Account in your chosen Bank, Building Society or Post Office. You should advise the Manager that the purpose of the account is to pay for your Funeral Expenses. When the time comes we will carry out your arrangements as requested and the expenses will be covered through your deposit account. However, it is necessary to make contact with us each year to ensure that the quote of funeral expenses is up to date with today's prices. If there has been an increase in expenses, this amount should be lodged into your account.
If you wish to arrange a funeral in advance please contact our offices on 021 450 77 11 and we will arrange an appointment for you.

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